“Illuminate Your Drive: FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser for Cars at Chennai’s Best Headlights Shop”

“At our Best Headlights Shop in Chennai, we specialize in transforming cars with the lighting upgrades, including the revolutionary FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser. From Skoda Rapid to Maruti Grand Vitara, we’ve got you covered. Experience unmatched illumination and style with our expertly installed FE Sky 5 Laser BILED Projectors. Elevate your driving experience today!” 

“Upgrade Your Skoda Rapid with FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser at Chennai’s Best Headlights Shop”

Experience ultimate comfort and perfect lighting in one place! Look no further – check out this Skoda Rapid equipped with headlight projector upgrades at Motofocusz, the best headlights shop in Chennai.

FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser

Works Done:

📌 Lowbeam – FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser for Cars
📌 Highbeam – 55w 6000k LED
📌 Fogs – 55w LED

“Elevate Your Toyota Fortuner’s Lighting with FE SKY5 Laser Projectors”

Elevate your Toyota Fortuner’s lighting game with our latest upgrade! Introducing the FE SKY5 bi-led laser projectors for headlights, bringing a new level of illumination and style to your ride. Say goodbye to dim lights and hello to a dazzling driving experience! But that’s not all – we’ve also amped up the fog lights with the incredible 2.0 BILED TRI Color fog projectors, providing unbeatable visibility in challenging conditions. At Motofocusz, we specialize in turning vehicles into exceptional driving machines. Our expert technicians ensure a seamless integration that maintains your Fortuner’s sleek appearance. Upgrade today and experience the road like never before!

“Enhance Your Maruti Grand Vitara Drive with FE Sky 5 Stock Projectors Replacement”

Elevate Your Maruti Grand Vitara Drive Experience. Looking to enhance your night drives? You’re in the right place! At Motofocusz, we specialize in the ultimate upgrade for your Maruti Grand Vitara – the FE Sky 5 Stock Projectors Replacement.

“Experience Brilliance: Volkswagen Polo Gets FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser Upgrade”

FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser

Discover enhanced driving experiences with our Volkswagen Polo upgrades. Our Fe retrofit SKY5 Laser BILED Projectors, powerful 55w LED high beam, Our works will transform your journeys into unforgettable adventures. Drive with confidence, drive with Motofocusz.”

Upgrade Details:
📌 Low beam: Fe retrofit SKY5 Laser BILED Projectors
📌 High beam: 55w LED

Turn Heads with Upgraded Ford Endeavour: FE Retrofit SKY5 Laser 3” BI-LED Laser”

Introducing you to the upgraded Ford Endeavour that is sure to turn heads on the road! We’ve replaced the stock projectors with the FE SKY5 laser 3” BI-LED Laser for low beams and added 55w HID KIT for high beams. For fog lights, we’ve installed bright and efficient 4300 Kelvin LED lights.

Why Choose Motofocusz for Your Lighting Upgrades?”

At Motofocusz, Chennai’s Best Headlights Shop, we’re committed to delivering excellence in every upgrade we offer. With our premium FE Retrofit Sky 5 Laser for Cars, your driving experience will reach new heights of brilliance. Visit us today and let us illuminate your journey like never before!


About us

Motofocusz is an Indian-based leading automotive lighting company founded in 2014, we focus on the development of unique products, incorporating the latest LED and optical technology.

We Light your rides by adding high-quality custom projector headlights, automotive lighting, and other parts at the best prices.

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